Earn the CSLP Designation

This Certified Student Loan Professional designation is an advanced specialization in student loan advising unlike any other professional credential today. The course helps the professional advisor address the complexities of student loan repayment currently faced by more than 43 million borrowers.

Financial advisors can't ignore student loans any longer and need to integrate repayment planning within the scope of the overall financial planning process. The CSLP helps you understand how to create a well-structured student loan repayment strategy within the context of comprehensive financial plan.

What's New

  • 5 in-depth case reviews of client situations.
  • How to conduct a comprehensive advising session
  • IDR plans and the financial planning process
  • IDR plan analysis: how to analyze your client’s best option
  • How to enroll clients and complete the annual documentation of income
  • Loan discharge options and viable scenarios for clients
  • Calculating payments and interest crediting in IDR plans
  • The home mortgage and IDR plans – key considerations
  • Helping your client resolve student loan defaults
  • Payment Postponement of Federal Loans
  • Tax consequences of various repayment plans
  • Federal repayment plans types and terms
  • Discharging federal student loans
  • Private student loan considerations
  • Course credit through HSU/CSU

What's New

  • New self contained course management portal organizes your work
  • Instant update notification of new and course material
  • Extensive resource section organizes tools, pdfs, & documents
  • Track quiz scores and overall lesson progress

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